My Pizza Oven Motor Isn't Turning

My Pizza Oven Motor Isn't Turning

There is some troubleshooting you can try to make sure your oven motor is functional and installed correctly.

First, please make sure that the white switch wire towards the front of your oven is plugged into the "switch" port on your motor. (Note: this step was missed in our first manual print, but you can view it in our assembly video here. They plug the motor in at the 6-minute mark.) You can either run the motor on two D-sized batteries* or through AC by plugging the motor adapter into the "power" port on the motor. It can be helpful to try both if you have batteries available.

Next, please make sure everything is aligned correctly because it can be a bit tricky to get everything lined up. Please double-check that the drive shaft on your rotating tray assembly is inserted into the keyhole on the motor. If the drive shaft isn't fully seated, it won't be able to turn your tray.

If you try both and your motor still isn't turning your rotating tray, please remove the four screws holding the motor to the bottom of the oven body and turn on your motor with it uninstalled but with the power source and switch still plugged in. If it begins turning, please check the alignment of your rotating shaft and bearing bracket. If your motor doesn't turn while uninstalled, we may need to get you a replacement.

If you need additional assistance or replacement parts, please reach out to our customer support team here

To send out any replacement parts, we will need to have a registration for your oven on file to provide important unit and shipping information. You can register your oven on our website here

*Our motors are designed to function on D-sized batteries instead of the AC adapter. However, the motor will default to running on AC if anything is plugged into the power port on your motor. Completely unplug the AC adapter before attempting to use your motor with batteries.
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