My Pizza Oven Burner Won't Stay Lit

My Pizza Oven Burner Won't Stay Lit

Our pizza oven ignition system is equipped with a safety system that prevents propane build-up in the oven cavity. To ensure propane isn't allowed to flow through an unlit burner, your burner has a thermocouple installed inside of it to monitor the burner temperature. If that thermocouple isn't heated, propane flow to the burner will be shut off to prevent propane from building up and becoming dangerous. 

The system works by having a thermocouple heat up enough to generate an electric current. That current pulls a thermomagnetic plunger in the safety valve to allow propane flow while you aren't pressing on the burner knob. The thermocouple needs to heat up enough to generate that current to allow propane flow while you're not depressing the burner knob. 

 For the best ignition results, open your adjustable regulator all the way (turned completely to the right) to get full propane flow. Then, when you ignite your burner, hold the burner knob down for 30 seconds to a minute to allow the thermocouple to fully heat up before letting go. If the burner goes out, it means the thermocouple wasn't fully heated. Start again and hold the burner knob down for another minute before letting go until the burner stays lit. 

If you continue to experience ignition problems or need additional assistance, please reach out to our customer support team here.

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