How do I season my griddle?

How do I season my griddle?

To start off, get a bowl of warm, soapy water and a dish towel to wipe down your griddle top and remove any dust or debris. Then, rinse your griddle top clean.

Once clean, heat your griddle on high heat until your griddle top changes color. At that point, use tongs to hold a paper towel or cotton cloth and spread 2-3 tablespoons of your seasoning oil across the griddle surface. When seasoning your griddle top, remember to use a thin and even layer of oil—the thinner the layer of oil, the easier it will be to burn it off.

The heat of the griddle will break down the oil and bond it to the metal, creating a new polymer that acts as a stick resistant and protective layer over the griddle. You will know it is done when it stops smoking. You will want to repeat this 3-4 times for your initial seasoning.

Your first couple cooks, food might stick a little. Don’t worry--just keep cooking and oiling it before and after each use. As the seasoning builds, the better your griddle seasoning will get.

Remember, your griddle top is made of steel. If needed, it is easy to resurface and re-season again.

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