Can I convert my griddle to Natural Gas?

Can I convert my griddle to Natural Gas?

We do offer a natural gas conversion kit for most of our 28”, 36”, and tailgater units. This excludes the units listed in the chart below, propane-powered air fryers*, and the Omnivore griddle series. Culinary and Culinary Pro series griddles** are not optimized for natural gas conversion. For information on converting a 17" or 22" Tabletop Griddle, please see our article here

To convert to natural gas, you will need to switch the orifices in your valves with the given orifices that are the proper size for natural gas, as well as switch out your regulator with the provided natural gas hose. Please make sure to be gentle when removing and replacing your orifices to avoid stripping out your valves. Here is a video explaining how to install the kit on your griddle.

You can find our natural gas conversion kit here.

28" and 36" Units NOT compatible with the Blackstone natural gas conversion kit:

Model Number
Omnivore Series
Any griddle with the omnivore style of griddle plate.
Blackstone 36" Griddle with Air Fryer
1916Blackstone 28" Culinary Cabinet Griddle with Air Fryer
1902Blackstone 36" Culinary Pro Cabinet Griddle w/ Hood
Blackstone 36" Griddle with Air Fryer & Cabinets
2163Blackstone 30" Culinary Griddle w/ Hood (Omni)
2162Blackstone 36" Culinary Griddle w/ Hood (Omni)
Blackstone 36" Griddle Cooking station w/ Hard Cover (Omni)
Blackstone 36" Culinary Cabinet Griddle with Side Table (Omni)
Blackstone 28" Omnivore Griddle W/ Hood
Blackstone Pizza Oven w/Cart

*Do not convert your propane-powered air fryer griddles to Natural Gas. It is not recommended and may result in problems with your unit and potential harm. 

**Culinary Collection griddles are not compatible with the provided orifice wrench. However, the provided replacement orifices in the kit are compatible with Culinary Collection Griddles. To convert these griddles to natural gas, it is necessary to source a compatible orifice wrench.

Natural Gas Requirements:

For optimal performance, our natural gas conversion kit requires a pressure of 7 inches of water column at the inlet for the appliance. Please see a natural gas professional to ensure your propane line is regulated to the correct pressure.

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